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Credit Cards & You

Just starting out? New to the UK? Have credit problems? Your individual circumstances can make it harder for you to get a credit card. Or, if you’re doing something like traveling overseas, you may need to take certain things into account when you use your card. Luma explains things you may need to consider.

  • New to Credit Cards?

    Here are some good things to know about credit cards if you’re a first-time card holder.

  • Bad Credit?

    Start rebuilding your credit— even if you’d had CCJs in the past– with these tips from Luma.

  • Graduating to a Better Credit Profile

    If you’re a recent grad, learn more about how you can build a solid financial future.

  • New to the UK?

    If you’re new to Britain, you should learn about building your credit rating and getting a credit card. Luma helps you learn more.

  • Credit Card Tips for Your Overseas Trip

    Travelling overseas? Luma gives you a few credit card tips to make your travels easier.