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Luma’s Mobile App FAQs

Luma’s trusted issuer, Capital One, offers Luma customers a mobile app to make managing your account anytime, anywhere even easier.

What’s the Capital One mobile app?

Capital One, Luma’s trusted issuer, has developed an app for smart phones. This makes it even easier to manage your account when you’re on the go. All you’ll need is an iPhone or an Android phone along with your Luma credit card details. Once you’ve registered, you can:

  • Log in securely with your 6-digit passcode
  • View your account’s current balance
  • See how close you are to your credit limit
  • See your latest transactions
  • Check your payment information and make a payment to your Luma card

Where do I get the mobile app?

The app is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play store:

Alternatively, you can find and install the Capital One app by searching for ‘Capital One UK’ in the app store straight from your phone.

Which mobile devices support the mobile app?

The Capital One mobile app is designed for iPhone (iOS 9 and above) and Android devices (version 4.4 and above). You can access it directly from your phone’s app store by searching for ‘Capital One UK’

Is it free to use the mobile app?

The mobile app is free to download and use. However, charges from your mobile network may apply, particularly when you’re overseas. If you’re going abroad, be sure to turn off your data roaming.

Is it safe and secure to use the mobile app?

When you download the mobile app, we take you through a registration process where you’ll be asked to confirm your account’s security details. Once you’ve registered, the app will be protected by your passcode. This is unique to your mobile device. Your account data will be accessible only by using this secure passcode. To keep your personal data secure, the app will automatically log you out after 2 minutes. You can also ask us to block your mobile app account access by calling us at any time.

What if I lose my phone?

Access to the app is protected by your passcode. As long as someone else doesn’t have this information, your account information will stay secure. As an additional security measure, the app will automatically log you out after 2 minutes. For additional peace of mind if your phone gets lost or stolen, we can block account access from the mobile device you’ve registered.

What should I do if I’ve forgotten my passcode?

Remove the app from your phone. Then download the app again and re-register your details. You’ll be able to set up a new 6-digit passcode. When setting up your passcode, avoid using your date of birth or your Luma account number.

What if I need more information about a transaction?

To get more detailed information about a specific transaction or your account, just log into your account online when you’re at a computer. Online account management helps you view more information and enables you to contact us through Secure Message, helping you make the most of your Luma credit card.