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Understanding Credit Ratings

Credit ratings determine a lot of things—from credit cards acceptance to getting a mortgage and more. Luma helps you understand credit ratings and learn how to build your credit profile.

  • Factors Impacting Your Credit Score

    If you’re new to credit or have poor credit, take a moment to learn which factors influence your credit score.

  • Understanding Your Credit Score

    When you’re focussed on your credit score, there’s a lot of terminology out there. Luma helps explain the difference between credit scores, ratings, history, and more.

  • Where to Check Your Credit Rating

    Want to see your credit report? Here are some places where you can access your credit report and get other credit-related services.

  • How to Improve Your Credit Rating

    Even if you’ve got bad credit, you can rebuild your credit rating. Get started by learning how with these tips from Luma.