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Where to Check Your Credit Rating

If you have poor credit or are new to credit, it’s a good idea to spend some time figuring out what— if anything—appears on your credit report. Luma explains where you should go to find out.

Credit Reference Agencies

Credit reference agencies are independent organisations that obtain information about your financial behaviour from banks, utilities, credit card providers, and other companies that have financial experience with you.

The credit agencies generate these reports and sell them to lenders, who use the reports and ratings to verify your application, determine your eligibility for products, and establish the interest rates you’ll be charged. For a trial period, some online agencies provide access your credit report free of charge. Others charge a nominal fee to view your report.

If you’re trying to build credit, paying for more frequent views of your credit report may be of help in monitoring your progress in re-establishing a strong credit history. These services often come with additional identity theft protection.

Places to Consider

If you’re considering purchasing some services from one of the credit reference agencies, you may want to compare what’s on offer among these UK consumer credit report providers.

Check Your Credit Report

It’s advisable to check your credit report at least once a year. If you have poor credit and are trying to repair it, you may want to check it more frequently to monitor your progress. Staying informed about the information in your credit report can help you improve your credit rating, which helps you improve your access to credit cards, loans, and more.